New in town? Then you’ve come right!

First of all, welcome to Värmland!
Ny i (New in) Värmland is a concept for you who are returnees, relatives or simply new in Värmland. We think that to have a good time in a new city, you need friends, a good job and all the practicalities flowing. Ny i Värmland offers you social activities and excursions, mingel events with the region’s companies, speed dating with attractive employers, help with the practical and much more to make you feel comfortable in Värmland. Ny i Värmland is where you build your new social and professional network.

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Events fall 2019

September 8th – Kayaking with Melker

Late summer, the sun is shining and lukewarm water in the river that clings to the kayak. We are now inviting you and others new in Värmland to a wonderful kayak excursion, a real #MelkerMoment where we can experience Karlstad from the river side and at the same time...

September 25th – Lunch Värmland 2040

If there was endless money and lots of time. If there were no challenges but only opportunities. We open up our minds and breain storm around Värmland 2040. The last Wednesday of each month, new and established in Värmland meet at lunch with the aim of expanding their...

October 9th – Curling and mingle

Like bowling but on ice! And much more fun! Ny i Värmland invites new and established in Värmland to Curling and Mingle. The recipe is to meet and get to know new people during an activity that is new to most of us, with a result spelled as: easy going hangout with...

October 23rd – Network lunch

The last Wednesday of each month, new and established people in Värmland meet at lunch to expand their social and professional contact network. We use professional facilitation to build contact surfaces for a start, which towards the end of the lunch usually results...

November 8th – Lunch mingle

In this lunch mingle you will meet with the emplyers and company reps of Värmland. More info to come. Save the date When: November 8th Time: 11:30 - 14:30 Free  

November 22nd – Wine and Paint

In collaboration with Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza, we have taken the latest from the USA to Karlstad, Wine and Paint. An event where we drink wine, snack and paint. Yes, you read right, we are to paint, as with paint and brushes. "This is not for me, I can't...


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