Ny i Värmland

Det sociala och professionella nätverket för nyinflyttade

New in town? Then you’ve come right!

First of all, welcome to Värmland!
Ny i (New in) Värmland is a concept for you who are returnees, relatives or simply new in Värmland. We think that to have a good time in a new city, you need friends, a good job and all the practicalities flowing. Ny i Värmland offers you social activities and excursions, mingel events with the region’s companies, speed dating with attractive employers, help with the practical and much more to make you feel comfortable in Värmland. Ny i Värmland is where you build your new social and professional network.

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24 h west Värmland

Music, art and a rich sports life and also add really great homes, good schools and last but not least, a developing career. On 7-8 June, Ny in Värmland invites, together with employers and municipalities in west Värmland, 30 persons to the event 24 hours west...

26/4 Friends Boost

Home, pre school, job, pre school and home again. Same way, same people every day, five days a week. Colleagues are nice, but does it really fit to invite your employees home? One of the pre school teachers seems a bit fun, but no ... it would be really strange ......

Sunday Hang outs

Unpretentious and easy to do, and with the good purpose that we can be meet and do something together and through that get to know each other a little. The idea of ​​Sunday hang is just that, it should be easy to fix, easy to participate but still boost our social...

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